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Our Students

OCEAN sponsors students from around the world who must submit to very stringent screening procedures.  They must: 


  • be between the ages of 14 and 18-1/2 and not completed more than 11 years of schooling in their home country.

  • be proficient in English.

  • have at least a “C” average in their home country high school.

  • undergo an interview and thorough evaluation to determine their maturity level and ability to cope in a different environment.

  • receive a medical examination, to include the required immunizations.


All application paperwork is forwarded to OCEAN’s main office for final approval.  After the student is approved and accepted, he/she must attend several  home country orientations, which include the natural parents.  An orientation is also provided once the student arrives in the U.S.


While attending school in the U.S., the participant must abide by program rules and regulations, to include maintaining a full course load and a “C” average in each of his/her classes, as well as participate in all host family activities.  The students bring with them sufficient funds to cover personal expenses and are provided with health insurance.


OCEAN is presently recruiting students throughout the world. They are due to arrive in the U.S. approximately one week prior to the beginning of the school semester or year.

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