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Host Family Requirements:

Potential host families are required to do the following:

  • Complete a host family application packet and provide at least 3 personal references.

  • Sign a criminal background check consent/release form.  All adult (18 years and older) members of the host family must undergo a criminal background check.

  • Provide photos of their home and family.

Prior to being accepted as a host family, a local OCEAN representative will visit the host family's home to conduct an in-person interview.

Once a family has been approved to host, they must do the following:

  • be responsible for the student while he/she is residing in their home.

  • provide the student with room and board, as well as a loving family environment.

  • treat the student as a family member, not as a guest.

  • show respect for the student and his/her culture.

  • be concerned with the student's progress and well-being.

  • communicate with OCEAN and its representatives by completing evaluation reports.

Students come with their own spending money to cover personal expenses, such as clothing, school supplies, participation in extracurricular activities, etc.  OCEAN provides all of its students with health insurance coverage.  A local representative will be available to the host family and student throughout the school year to assist them if any problems or questions should arise.

To begin the application process, click here.

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